The first Slovenian
hard seltzer.
A new



Nord is essentially sparkling water with alcohol obtained with fermentation. It is sugar free and contains no other sweeteners. A can only contains 79 kcal. No carbohydrates and gluten free. After all, while less is more, zero is even better.



Bingo bango mango tango. Summer hit!

Classic combo for total refreshment.

Sweet blueberry and mint aftertaste.

For ginger lovers only!

Favourite or least favourite? There's no in between.

Hard seltzer
What is it?

Nord is the first Slovenian hard-seltzer brand. Seltzer refers to sparkling water, and the term hard implies alcoholic content. If you are less than happy with the current choice of alcoholic drinks and usually settle for vodka soda with lemon, then this is the drink for you. Not a fan of beer? Perhaps just looking for a good alternative to beer? Don’t feel like having a spritzer? Nord Hard Seltzer was designed as a solution to all the above.

Your new favourite drink.

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