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Lemon Grass/Green Tea and Ginger/Red Orange are currently Ouf Of Stock, therefore we'll give you other flavours instead. Thanks for your understanding.


Matter Lemon

Nord Hard Ice Tea, made in collaboration with Matter band. It was supposed to be a bitter lemon, but as it is not really bitter, it became Matter Lemon. It has 6% alcohol.


lemon grass + green tea [Out Of Stock]

Hit or miss? Try the herbalist and decide for yourself.


mango + tangerine

If he likes Nord, never let that man-go.


lemon + elderberry

The soothing scent of elderberry is balanced with the tartness of lemon. Ideal for lemonade lovers looking for a dash of excitement. For a maximum boost of freshness, we suggest adding a slice of ginger to your drink.


blueberry mint

The aromatic quality of blueberries will trick you into tasting sweetness, even if Nord is sugar free. Win. The flavour of mint will provide a cool, refreshing aftertaste. Win-win. 


red orange + ginger [Out of stock]

A special winter taste. Designed exclusively for ginger lovers.

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