We would like to tell you a little story about how this collab between Nord and Ski Gaudi happened.


We attended an event in Ljubljana and got into a chat with a German friend of a friend. We drank some Nords without saying much about what it is. He rushed back some 10 minutes later, asking "does this really contain alcohol?".


This is when we explained more about the drink and that we are producing Nord. He said, "You need to bring this to Germany.".


So fast forward a couple of months, thanks to Markus, we finally got the chance to introduce Nord to you.


We are very happy to be participating in such an awesome event. Kudos and big thanks to Ski Gaudi organizers!


We hope you like Nord too. It might just become your new favourite drink. You'll see.


We will be happy to hear your feedback on our Instagram @nordhardseltzer_com.


See you on the slopes.

Since you made it this far...


We will pick one lucky winner after Ski Gaudi events, who will get a free box of Nords and a ticket to the Butik Festival!


If you wish to participate, leave your email in the form below.

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